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Single Lumen tube    



l           PVC, PU, TPU,TPE,PE,PP,FEP,PEBAX,PA, POM and other thermoplastic materials

OD range

l           0.5-25 mm (0.02"-.0.99")

Min Tolerance

l           +/-0.025mm(0.00099" )


l           Radiopaque with BaSO4, (BiO)2CO3,or Bi2O3, and it can be fully radiopaque and radiopaque stripes


l           Single lumen, Rod, Stainless steel or filament reinforced tube.

Delivery form

l           Cut to length or on spools by customers’ requirements


Multi-lumen tubing

multi-lumen Tubing provides hopeful view like a single lumen tube with multiple channels or lumens running through the inside diameter of the tube.It plays a better balance on Costs and Maximum performance of transfer of Fluids,Gases,Guide Wires or other materials.We also have the technique on Amendment and creation of Molds.


l           PVC, PU, TPU,TPE,PE,PP,FEP,PEBAX,PA, POM and other thermoplastic materials

Quantities of Lumen

l           2~9      

Mini. Tolerance

l           +/-0.05mm.


l           Available radiopaque stripes or filled in a wide range of materials, such as BaSO4,(BiO)2CO3Bi2O3


l           Inner lumens can vary in circular, oval, square, crescent, and triangular shapes with a virtually endless combination of inner and outer diameter configurations to the Drawings or Samples

Delivery form

l           Cut to length


braided reinforced tubing

Braided reinforcement is a technique to enhance the pressure endurance and push-ability. Braided reinforcement tubing is widely used in high pressure tube, catheter shaft, and thin wall tube.PMP uses dedicated equipment and innovative technology and expertise to produce the complex braided tubing under customer needs.

Technical Information

Specifications Braided Enforcement Line

l           can be as small as 0.1mm

Wire Material

l           Stainless Steel, Copper, Alloy, Nylon, etc.


l           Producing Strengthened Tubings while manufacturing Thinner Wall thickness

l           Better resistance and Excellent Pressure Endurance


1200PSI,  2000PSI, 18000PSI